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Guidance to the New Swedish Regulation on Fees for Research Infrastructure

SESAM is now announcing the publishing of a guidance including a supplementary tutorial to support the use of the regulation on fees for research infrastructure.

In October 2022, a regulation was introduced that is important for those of the Swedish higher education institutions that have research infrastructure (SFS2022:1378). The regulation contains provisions on the collection of fees for the use of research infrastructure provided by universities and colleges with the state as principal. The regulation is based on a report from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (ESV) that was published in February 2020.

In order to facilitate work with using the regulation at Sweden's higher education institutions and to have as much as possible a consensus on what the regulation entails, the SESAM project has worked to produce an in-depth guide to the regulation. The work has been done within the framework of SESAM's work package 3, under the leadership of Stockholm University. As a supplement, a summary tutorial has also been produced.

We are now happy that both the guidance and the tutorial have been completed and can be used at Swedish universities but also by others who are curious about what the regulation entails.


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